Weirdest idol group “…….” makes it’s album debut

After the army-idol group (AKB48) and after the loli group (Babymetal) you could have said to have seen anything weird about japanese idol groups but, well, Japan is the kingdom of weirdness and the music factory in primis.

The band we are featuring todays have 2 weirdness: 1) the girls are blindfolded-like 2) the band name is (I’m serious): ……….

Still shocked? No? Ok, then let’s continue with the news. The band “…….” is going to publish the first album next month. Titled…guess how… “Tokyo” (pretty original) the 72 minutes-long cd includes 3 songs. Yes, 3 songs for 72 minutes.

Here is a piece of music directly from the youtube channel:

The album will be published on 16 august

Source: natalie

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