Kannagi: manga end and a new project will start

The last chapter of the manga “Kannagi” will be released this month on the Comix REX magazine. For the occasion, the GoFa (Gallery of Fantastic art) in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, will hold a special exhibition. Titled “Eri Takenashi ‘Kannagi’ Conclusion Memorial Exhibition ~Oharai Festival of The Summer~” will run from 29 july to 3 september.

In addition, there will be a special edition of the 12th volume of the manga that will include a bonus cd with the song “Saigo no Love Letter (The Last Love Letter)” performed by Haruka Tomatsu.


Eri Takenashi is already working on a new manga but the first informations will be revealed in the next month number of Comix REX.

Source: Prtimes

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