One Piece 20th anniversary: events, One Piece Day and an american tv series!

As many of you knows, the world’s best selling manga has reached 20 years of publications. To celebrate this today was held a press conference at at the Tokyo One Piece Tower amusement park.

One of the first news we get is that One Piece is going to hijack the covers of 28 Shueisha magazine. Which ones? Here is the list:

Another great news comes from the “Japan Anniversary Association”. They announced that 22 july will become the “One Piece Day”. And, of course, tomorrow will be officially celebrated the 20th anniversary.

Plus, the city of Kyoko is making an event called “One Piece 20th x KYOTO Kyoto Straw Travel Journal: Another Country of Wano” that will run from 7 to 22 october. This event will anticipate the new story arc “Country of Wano” that will start at the end of the year.

And now one of the bigger news. Eichiro Oda announced (through a note that was read by the new editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano) the making of a tv series in Hollywood. Here is the announcement:

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