Review “Spiderman Homecoming” (Spoiler altert)

Plot: after the events of “Civil War”, Peter Parker is under the mentorship of Tony Stark and he is waiting for his new mission. While waiting for the call, Spidey dedicate himself to hunt local delinquents and abandoning part of his school commitments. The real problem comes when he has found some bank robbers with alien-technology weapons…

Review: Since, for me, Spiderman was always been Tobey Maguire and I think “Amazing Spiderman” is pure trash, I didn’t expect too much for this movie. And I was very surprised about “Spiderman Homecoming”. Let’s be clear: it’s a teen movie so don’t expect to watch a masterpiece but this is not even a simple-predictable movie. I liked the fact that the director didn’t has the need of show, for the 3rd time, how Peter got his powers. He alresady have. And we all know how. I also loved the fact that he didn’t met Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy but he fell in love with a new girl (unsless she appeared in the comics in the last years. ndr). Plus, Peter have a sidekick… well, sort of. So we have a new original story, more interesting that what I’ve feared of watching. The best part, however, is about the story of Adrian Toomes and how he became Vulture: very nice plot. I will have a lot more to say but I don’t want to enter too much in the details and do too many spoilers. I end this review saying that both Tom Holland and Michael Keaton have made a great act and this movie is a must-to-see for all the superheroes fans.

Vote: 8


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