“Boom Boom Satellites” will become a documentary

The life of the duo “Boom Boom Satellites” will soon become a documentary movie. The announcement were made during the final concert last sunday. It will mark the end of 27 years of activity.

The duo was formed by Masayuki Nakano (bass) and Michiyuki Kawashima (voice/guitar). In 2015 Kawashima suffered from brain tumor so, in june 2016, there was the announcement that “Lay our hands on me” EP would have been the last one of the band.

Kawashima died in october 2016 and Nakano had to finish the tour solo.

“Boom Boom Satellites” formed in 1990 and debuted first in Europe in 1997. They said that the name was inspired by a song by “Sigue Sigue Sputnik”.

Many of their songs were used as theme songs for anime (Appleseed, X’amd lost memories, Gundam Unicorn), japan movies (Monsterz), american movies (Batman: the dark knight) and the Playstation Store.

Here is one of my favorites song: Broken Mirror (Gundam Unicorn OP)

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