Review: Wonder Woman (spoiler alert)

Plot: Diana is the princess of the amazons and live in a isle (Temyscira) isolated from the rest of the world… until a plane crashes on the sea near by and she saves the pilot. This way Diana had met the first male in her life and discover that the world is at war (WW2). The pilot (Steve Trevor) is an american spy, working for the british, that has to stop a german chemist from poisoning the world. Diana thinks that behind this war there is Ares (ancient enemy of the amazons and killer of the gods) and will help Steve on his mission.

Review: Disappointed…very disappointed. After the very good “Man of steel” and the not bad “Batman VS Superman” I was hoping DC Coming understood how to make good movies. I was wrong. This movie is as bad as “Assassin’s Creed” and now I will tell you why. The first part (in Temyscira) could be good if not ruined by some absurd action scenes that would have been deleted even in a chinese martial arts b-movie. The big problem starts when they arrive in Britain and they reunited a team that looks like a bad copy of Cap. America’s “Howling Commandos”. And so the movie is becoming a copy of “Cap. America the movie” plus with stupid action scenes. If Diana would have thrown her shield as Cap. I would have probably left the cinema before the movie ends… This is not over! The final fight with Ares seemed to me the horrible final fight of the old “Street Fighter the movie” with bad special effect. And the cherry on top is the sacrifice of Steve Trevon on a plane, similar to the sacrifice of Steve Rogers. I’m sorry to say, because I was counting on this movie, but Wonder Woman is not worthy to be seen… unless you go only to watch Gal Gadot.

Vote: 4

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