Hajime no Ippo, Rozen Maiden 0, My hero Academia: all on hiatus

Peach-Pit announced, on the official twitter , that the manga “Rozen Maiden 0” is going on hiatus from may to august.

At the same time Kodansha announced that tha manga “Hajime no Ippo” is on break due to the physical condition on the author. The title should resume in the issue 29 of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Meanwhile, Shueisha announced that “My Hero Academia” is on hiatus too because the author got illness. The resume will be with issue 29 of Weekly Shonen Jump.

It’s not rare that some manga goes on hiatus: sometimes it’s because the author don’t know anymore how to continue (Berserk, Bastard!, Nana) but, more often, it’s because the manga have a very strick and fast publication pace that the author gets ill, or became poorly pshysically to keep it. Just consider that “Hajime no Ippo” is published since 1989 no stop. It’s no surprise that even a japanese will break sometimes.

That’s one big con of becoming a mangaka. If the manga succed, you get money and popularity but your life is mostly dedicate to your work. And that’s will have consequences on your private life and your health.

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