Cowboy Bebop will become a US drama?

Yesterday, the site Variety, spread a news saying that it seems that the anime “Cowboy Bebop” could became a tv serie.

According to the news, Tomorrow Studios (Aquarius, Good Behavior) is partnership with ITV Studios (Hell’s kitchen, Prime suspect) and Marty Adelstein (Prison break, Teen wolf). Chris Yost (“Thor: the dark world” so, not primising ndr…) will write the adaptation.

Before start partying, I have to say, this is still a rumor. Hollywood is famous for deleting thousands of plans, many just before to be released. And, in the particular case of “Cowboy Bebop”, do you remember that, in 2014, Hollywood was planning a live-action movie? Well, Shinichiro Watanabe (director of the anime) wasn’t happy to be involved in the project and then not receiving any news about the movie until someone told him the project was blocked for “Hollywood problems”.

So, take this news as a rumor and hope for the best.

Source. Variety

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