Zombie museum opening in Osaka

Is this summer you will be in Japan and the hot will be too much to stay on the beach, you can cool down visiting some museum…expecially a dead rising one.


Zombie museum is a limited-time project that let’s you have an adventure in a zombie apocalypse scenario. The story start when, in 2020, the USA were stroke by a virus that will kill people just to make them raise again as walking deads. The virus rapidly spreads all over the world.

Lucky for us, Dr. Aoki said that he has found the vaccine and allowed zombies to bit him to verify the cure.

The museum is the celebration of his work and include a staff of expert scientist and some zombies for experiment. What it can goes wrong?

The Zombie Museum will be open from 29 july to 22 august and will be on th 14th floor od the Daimaru Dept. Store in Osaka.

For more information check the website

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