“Mazinger Z Interval Peace” and “Mazinger Z Alter Ignition”: published the 1st chapters!

Last friday Kodansha published, on Monthly Young Magazine, the 1st chapter of the new manga “Mazinger Z interval peace”. The manga is a spin-off of the upcoming movie

  • Writer: Takahiro Ozawa (Tokyo Toybox, Nankoku Tom Sawyer)
  • Designer: Kaoru Osada (Tales of Symphonia BC Anthology Collection, Gunparade March – Another Princess)

Last friday was also published online the manga “Mazinger Z Alter Ignition” on the Dynamic Planning website. This one is a reboot of the original story and it’s made by Yu Kinutani (Ghost in the shell stand alone complex, Amon the dark side of Devilman).

Those mangas and the movie are produced to celebrate the 45 anniversary of the original manga. The official site of the movie also says that Go Nagai will be hosted at the “Annecy International Animation Film Festival” in June.


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