Japanese theme park shows you as a hero in front of your girlfriend

Hirakata Park (Osaka) will start to offer a new, peculiar attraction to his visitors.

Called “Sanmon-shibai”, the park offer 4 flash mob-shows that makes you the main star. Let’s see in detail what are those shows:

Protect your beloved, who’s about to be dragged off by a pair of thugs! Your sweetheart will be totally impressed!

A bomb is about to explode! Time is running out! The only one who can stop it is you!

● A member of the opposite sex comes running up, you crash into each other, and…what’s this? You’ve switched bodies! Could this be…the beginning of love?!?

● The doctor is ready to give up. The situation is desperate. But now, a miracle is about to happen thanks to your rare blood type.

The scenarios will be offered during the weekends of May and June starting a 13:00. To take part of the show you don’t have to pay more but you need to apply on the park website

Source: Hirakata Park


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