Review: Ghost in the Shell the movie (2017) spoiler alert

Plot: in a near future, Mira is a cyborg formed by a cybernetic body and a human mind. The woman was saved by the Hanka Corporation and transformed in the perfect police officer. One day, a terrorist (named Kuze) hacked some robots to kill some important members of the Hanka and the Mir’a Section 9 task force is in charge of stopping him. During the investigations Mira discovered that a lot of things about herself and Kuze were lies…

Review: this movie is the chapter 0 of the manga, since the story tell about the origin of Batou and… Major Motoko Kusanagi. Many people thinks this a bad movie. I say the opposite: this is a very nice movie! What I like mostly is the background, very “’80 future” style (the buildings, the cars, the technology). And I like because the manga was written in ’80, so it was right to use the same vision of the future. I like the actors: many disliked Scarlett Johansson but they probably haven’t read the manga. The character of Motoko was a cold-robotic person even in manga, so Scarlet made a good job with her part. The only part I don’t like is Daisuke Aramaki made by Takeshi Kitano. I’m not a fan of Kitano, I really don’t like how he act. And the fact that his part wasn’t dubbed made this worse. I don’t understand the reason of this since any other japanise character were dubbed. Anyway, my final judgement is this is a must-to-see movie.

Vote: 8,5



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