Hotel Diamond: probably the cheapest hotel in the world

If you have tought that having a holiday in Japan can be very expensive, you are wrong. As in any place of the world, you can find eclusive hotels and the cheaper ones. Of course, cheaper means also less services…

If you don’t mind to spend a night (or more) in a very basic room while visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, then Hotel Diamond is for you.

Located in Osaka, Nishinari-ku district, is one of the cheapest hotel in the world. You can rent a room for the night paying only 800 yen ( $ 7,00, € 6,50).

Of course, for that price you get a small room, with only space for the bed… ehm… the futon.

You have to share toilet and bathroom but you will have free wifi.

If you want to have more informations or try this place, here is the official site: Hotel Diamond

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