In order to answer to your emails properly I’ve opened a few email address and here you will find the “how to write” infos:

  • If you are a publisher/mainfacturer or a staff member involved in japan videogames/anime/toys/music/etc sector and want to share news write at


  • If you are a convention organizator (all over the world) and want to include your convention in our calendar write at


  • If you are a cosplayer and want to be featured you have some requirement to met:
  • 1) No selfies. Only full body-good quality pics.
  • 2) For Lodoss Magazine Instagram one photo is sufficient but, if you want to be featured in the site, you have to send at least 8 photos (can be different cosplay or the same one but must be of the same size) and include some infos about you (nickname, real name, age, nation) and if you want to share your Facebook account/page and email.
  • 3) For sexy_girls_cosplay_ Instagram you must be female and send a sexy photo (not porn or nude, just sexy). Can be either cosplay or geek pics. You can see many samples straight in the page
  • 4) The email to send the material is



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